Why, Coventry!

I've always liked Coventry. I first came here for a work conference at the University of Warwick. A slow afternoon had me catching a bus into town and taking a look around. In the 1940s, Coventry was home to a number of light engineering and armament factories. Between 1940 and 1941 the Luftwaffe attempted to [...]

From over Leamington Spa

She died in an upstairs bedroom,By the light of the evening star,That shone through the plate glass windowFrom over Leamington SpaSir John Betjeman, Death in Leamington Well, I'm back. It feels good to be back on the road again after so long behind closed doors. I hope I will gather enough information to see me [...]


When travelling around Bedfordshire last year, on the trail of John Bunyan, there was one place I overlooked. Harlington in Bedfordshire is a tiny village but was the scene of one of the most dramatic episodes in Bunyan's story. It was here that he was arrested and put on trial. In order for us to [...]